The Sixth System is a new and revolutionary glazing façade structural system that is unlike any existing curtain-wall or façade glazing system in the world today. The difference between the Sixth System and other façade systems is that our structure is invisible.

Most glazing systems have supporting structure that is clearly visible and looks cluttered and bulky. These visible supporting structures are usually in the form of aluminium mullions, transoms, steel trusses, columns, stainless steel cables, rods or glass fins on the interior or exterior of the glass façade. Whereas, the Sixth System does not have a visible supporting structure. All façade glazing systems require a structural component to support the glass panels against internal and external pressures and the Sixth System is no exception. The unique feature about the Sixth System is that the structural components are invisible.

Even though the structural components are not visible, the Sixth System has been structurally engineered and fully tested. The results of this extensive testing have provided us with a structurally sound system to withstand the most rigorous internal and external pressures as well as all loading factors. On top of this extensive testing we have also added the safety parameters as specified in all International glazing and structural design codes.

The advantages of the Sixth System are clearly visible. The whole glass façade has a clean transparent look to it, without today’s bulky structures hindering the view. Because our structure is hidden there is no lost floor space currently needed by existing systems. So a tenant can maximize the area for their own unique needs. ie. retail, office, showroom, airport etc.